Photography in the Age of Social Media

Today, more than ever, a lot of people are being hooked with photography, considering it as their “hobby”. For some, it can be considered as a genuine interest, especially those who invest a lot in their equipment and those who consider it as their main source of income. For others, however, their photography skills are limited to what their smartphones can snap. Don’t get me wrong! There is nothing bad about it. In fact, I am one of the first ones to admit that I take countless photos every day, especially when I am on a holiday. In an era that is dominated by the internet, especially social media, has photography changed? If yes, in what ways? Keep on reading and learn more.


Photography as a Business

In today’s modern time, social media provides a platform not only for photos to be uploaded and seen, but also to start a business. Many people who have photography skills sell their phots as a product or as a service with the help of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other Read more “Photography in the Age of Social Media”