Making Money Online: Spotlight on Photography

It is hard to imagine life nowadays without the internet. Sure, it has made our lives convenient in ways more than one. It has made it easy to defy geographical boundaries and to easily connect with our loved ones. It has been an instrument that nurtured relationships, old or new. It has redefined the way entertainment is enjoyed by us. It has also changed the business landscape. Nowadays, even if you do not have the luxury of capital, you can start your own business utilizing the online platform. In this case, one of the things that you can sell through the internet would be photography, whether as a product or as a service.

How To Make Money from your Photos

photo make money

The good thing about photography is that there are countless ways by which you can sell your skills. For instance, you can sell digital copies of your photos online. You can also use your photos for graphic design, such as for websites or for marketing materials of different businesses. More so, you can have your photos printed in different materials, such as shirts or postcards and have them sold online. You can also start your own photography business. Create your own website or social media account to advertise your services and to reach potential clients. Truth be told, the sky is the limit! Your creativity will take you places and will fuel differ ideas on how you can generate income from your photography skills.

Websites Where You Can Sell Your Photos

If you want to sell your photos online, the following are some of the best websites that can be taken into consideration:

  • iStock Photo: For every user who will download your photo, you will earn 15% royalty. You can also choose to work as an exclusive distributor and earn up to 45%. This website has features where you can interact with other people and learn about tips and trends to make more money from photography.
  • SmugMug: This is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for a user-friendly platform that can provide a platform to upload portfolio of works completed in the past. You will be provided with the freedom to choose your own price at which you would like your photos to be sold.
  • Shutterstock: With a record of more than 350 million downloaded photos, there is no doubt that this is one of the most popular websites where you can upload photos to be sold. You can earn up to $28 from every image that is sold. If you are a novice, read their Contributor Success Guide to gain insights on how to create photos that sell.
  • Fotolia: This is another website that is known for being user-friendly and having an attractive payout. It is a community that is consists of more than four million buyers in different countries. Royalty for each photo sold can reach as much as 63%.
  • Dreamstime: The reputation of this website is one of the many things that make it popular. In order to get started, you need to submit an application and their editors will decide whether you will be accepted or not. Once you are accepted and a photo of yours is sold, you can earn royalty amounting to up to 50%. You can also earn an additional 10% if you agree to be an exclusive photographer for the site.

Tips for Success

Although selling photos online or offering photography services in an online platform can be a good opportunity to earn money, success can be elusive for some. In this case, it is important to keep in mind the following things to increase the likelihood of succeeding:

  • Build your Skills: There are many aspiring photographers who rely on the internet to earn money. The market is saturated. Therefore, it is important to stand out from the rest. Invest in your knowledge and skills. One thing that you can do is to enroll in photography courses to enhance your capabilities and build your credentials.
  • Invest in your Equipment: Great photography is not just all about innate skills. It will be greatly influenced by the equipment that you have, such as camera and lens.
  • Marketing is Key: Whether it is through having your personal website or enhanced social media presence, marketing is important to increase awareness about your photography products and services.
  • Price it Right: It is undeniable that people make purchasing decisions based on price. Therefore, make sure that your pricing is not too high or too low. Research about how much the market is willing to pay or how the competitors are handling their pricing strategies.
  • Patience is a Virtue: Like in all other channels that can be utilized to earn money, success cannot be reaped overnight. Your photos may be rejected by submission sites or your clients may not like your work. Use these situations as your inspiration to go further and prove your worth.