A breathtaking twilight in Manarola, one of the most beautiful towns in Le Cinque Terre.

Best Destinations for Travel Photography

Traveling is an experience that is enriching in ways more than one. Whether it is for a honeymoon trip or going on a soul searching journey on your own, the reasons to travel will be endless. Regardless of why you are going out for a trip, it will be an opportunity to discover new culture, which can change your life in an instant. With this, there are many people who travel to encapsulate culture in a photo. If you are into travel photography, keep on reading and learn more about the destinations that are worth your

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Photography for Beginners: Things You Should Know

Like in the case of any other profession, being a photographer requires a specific set of skills, including creativity, allowing one to capture shots that can effectively send a message. No one is born a photographer. The best photographers learn through consistent practice and having the determination to improve in their craft. They did not capture the best shot in just a single take. With this, in the rest of this post, I will share with you some of the things that will be helpful for aspiring photographers. Through these tips,

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Mobile Phones: The Camera of the New Era

In 1500, the first pinhole camera has been introduced, which served as the inspiration for the models that are to come out in the succeeding years. In 1900, the Reise Camera was developed and was considered to be the first true portable camera because it is lightweight, compact, and can be folded. The Polaroid Model 95 came out in 1947, which made it easier to have the photos made available in print. In 1975, Kodak came up with the first digital camera. In 2000, another major innovation took place. The Sharp J-SH04 has been

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Top 5 Cameras for your Travel

In today’s time, traveling is never complete without pictures. Whether they are to brag to your friends about your holiday or simply to keep memories from your trip, a camera should never be forgotten. For some, their mobile phone is enough to capture beautiful memories. For others, however, they need to have an actual camera. In this case, if you are looking for the best camera that you can bring in your travels, keep on reading and we will let you know some of the best brands and models that can be taken into

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Photography in the Age of Social Media

Today, more than ever, a lot of people are being hooked with photography, considering it as their “hobby”. For some, it can be considered as a genuine interest, especially those who invest a lot in their equipment and those who consider it as their main source of income. For others, however, their photography skills are limited to what their smartphones can snap. Don’t get me wrong! There is nothing bad about it. In fact, I am one of the first ones to admit that I take countless photos every day, especially when I am on a holiday.

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photo make money

Making Money Online: Spotlight on Photography

It is hard to imagine life nowadays without the internet. Sure, it has made our lives convenient in ways more than one. It has made it easy to defy geographical boundaries and to easily connect with our loved ones. It has been an instrument that nurtured relationships, old or new. It has redefined the way entertainment is enjoyed by us. It has also changed the business landscape. Nowadays, even if you do not have the luxury of capital, you can start your own business utilizing the online platform. In this case, one of the things

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